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See how Carolyn J. helped Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests on a Social Media Set Up project

Johanie R
Johanie R.
Carolyn J
Carolyn J.
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Nov 12, 2020
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15 Hours
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What did Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests need?

Carolyn helped Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests develop an online presence by creating a social media account on the right platform for their needs and teach them how to manage their accounts.

Why is this project important?

We will conduct an opportunity assessment for identifying viable climate mitigation actions in Hawaii's natural and working lands and crafting equitable policy and programs. Together, these efforts will support diverse stakeholders in their efforts to advance local cultural needs and contribute to meeting legislated mandates concerning soil health, crop yields, and carbon sequestration.

This project will save us $2,397, allowing us to allocate the funding to do more land managers outreach and create a stronger wall-to-wall map tool.

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Johanie R
Johanie R.
Final Product
Software Set Up
Cause Areas
Religion & Spirituality
Science & Technology
Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests
Hilo, Hawaii, USA

What did Carolyn have to offer?

I am a recent graduate from Towson University. I graduated Towson with a degree in Communication Studies, and have 2 years of experience in content creating/marketing for an online presence. I am strongly passionate about communicating with others and expanding my knowledge through in-person and online interactions.

Digital Marketing
Social Media
  • Background in social media, online marketing, or communications
  • Deep understanding of social networking sites
  • Experience working in online brand development, a plus
Carolyn J
Carolyn J.
Crofton, MD, USA

About Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests

To enhance and promote a forest stewardship ethic that embraces biocultural restoration and conservation strategies through integration of traditional and western knowledge and through strategic cooperation among private and public organizations.

The Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forest’s mission addresses the interdependence of thriving ecosystems, cultural practice, and sustainable livelihood, and is grounded in the Hawaiian cultural perspective that place-based relationships enhance stewardship of all features on land and ocean. This mission encourages active public participation by integrating multiple knowledge systems and expanding the dialogue between various stakeholders in biocultural stewardship efforts. We work from the perspective that all places, whether protected, inhabited, or managed, are integral to the health of the whole. This frame of reference shapes the three components of our work.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

I ola 'oe, i ola makou nei, a perspective rooted in the ways of life of native Hawai'i, translates to "My life is dependant on yours; your life is dependant on mine." We strive to embody this perspective in our work and relationships.

This is the 6th project posted by Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests.

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