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Megan F.

Malama Kauai

Founded in 2006, Malama Kaua’i is a community-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on advocating, educating, and driving action towards a sustainable Kaua’i. We consider the interrelatedness of all issues and the need for a holistic approach, with a focus on three primary areas: ...
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What did Megan need?

Helping us with audit preparation will ensure that we have effective internal controls and systems in place that follow all Federal regulations for our contract and grants systems, ensuring a highly successful 2021 audit experience.

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Jun 27, 2020


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Kris C.


I am an experienced professional with over 10 years of experience in the financial services and higher education industries. My expertise is in the identification of viable opportunities for my clients, and the management of those opportunities into potential long-term benefits to my clients and ...
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What did Kris have to offer?

I am keenly interested in providing value through my skills and time to organizations that seek to uplift the community such as Malama Kaua'i. The growing of accessible food options and the resultant economic development it can provide are a few of the key components that can help shape a strong society and future generations. I am also helping out a similar cause at present and I would be happy to help here as well. In my current career I am heavily involved in monitoring Contracts compliance in accordance with internal guidelines, which includes guidelines related to Federally funded grants. Presently I am co-ordinating an internal committee with the University's Office of Sponsored Accounting which seeks to reduce the rate of audit exceptions going forward on grant-funded contracts from 10% to 1% or less. I also wrote a guideline in the past year in our Operating Procedure Manual concerning the process for handling External and Internal Audit requests.

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