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Soo San S.

Faith Action for Community Equity

Faith Action for Community Equity (Faith Action) is a grassroots, interfaith 501(c)3 non-profit organization driven by a deep spiritual commitment to improving the quality of life for our members and all the people of Hawaii. Through our common values and collective power, we address the root cau...
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What did Soo need?

This will help our organization achieve its goal of expanding and continuing to do the important work we do in advocating for working-class and low-income people. It will help me to become a more effective leader to my team and our volunteers. By becoming a more skilled leader, I would be better able to serve others and to help them connect this work with vision and purpose. I would be able to more effectively inspire my team and give them hope for our future.

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Mar 24, 2020


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Hakim E.


I'm a Life, Leadership and Public Speaking Coach with over a decade of continuing professional speaking & training experience. I'm also the creator and host of the #JUST JUMP PODCAST where my guest and I offer golden advice to help encourage and inspire others who're ready to JUST JUMP into their...
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What did Hakim have to offer?

My passion is enhancing the lives of others so any opportunity I have to exercise that is a pleasure. Also, I have a special interest in Leadership as I believe we have to change the narrative of leadership being the number one reason why people willingly leave their jobs. Presently I am facilitating mostly Leadership and Management topics based seminars across the United States as well as Dealing with Difficult People and Negative Employee behavior. One of the first steps I'd suggest in any new leadership role is to do a personality and behavior assessment to assist with building a good rapport with your staff. Secondly would be to establish and promote the organizational culture through consistently implementing the Vision & Mission in your daily responsibilities. Once that foundation is set and firm building on it will be much easier.

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