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Megan F.

Malama Kauai

Founded in 2006, Malama Kaua’i is a community-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on advocating, educating, and driving action towards a sustainable Kaua’i. We consider the interrelatedness of all issues and the need for a holistic approach, with a focus on three primary areas: ...
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What did Megan need?

This is a very important survey that will inform investments and support mechanisms for farmers markets across Hawaii for the next few years. It will be the Hawaii Farmers Market Association's first big publication as well - so we want it to be as accurate, useful and compelling as possible.

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Mar 5, 2020


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Sarah P.


Data-driven and dynamic Human Resources professional with a specialty in partnering with executive leadership to build and refine business partnered HR functions that make work better and empower organizations to progress towards their mission. Interested in partnering with non-profit organiza...
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What did Sarah have to offer?

I am interested in organizations that talk a holistic approach in achieving their mission. I am super interested in this project. I have used several data analytics platforms such as Tableau and PowerBI that I would deploy for this project and be able to deliver insights based off of.

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