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Valentina C.

Oikonos - Ecosystem Knowledge

Oikonos studies and protects imperiled ecosystems by engaging diverse communities through innovative scientific and artistic collaborations.

What did Valentina need?

I'd like to learn more about program management systems/software to track staff tasks, goals, timelines. I have a gantt chart in excel, but need help translating that to an app or software (Trello?)

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Feb 25, 2020


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Andy D.


I am a firm believer in the strength of the human network to accomplish massive feats. When this energy is channeled toward a positive cause, amazing things can happen. I'm eager to offer and contribute my experience as an entrepreneur and sales leader to organizations that are making a positive ...
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What did Andy have to offer?

I currently run a technology development (web and mobile app) company. We use task management tools like Trello for each of our clients and I have an intimate understanding of its benefits. Happy to share my experience and knowledge.

Andy was great! Provided very good advice. Thank you!
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Valentina C.

Volunteer Manager

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