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Kristen A.

Hope Services Hawaii, Inc.

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Aloha! I'd like some help automating specific RSS feed updates so that they appear in a Google spreadsheet. I am thinking of using Zapier, IFTTT or something similar.

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Feb 10, 2020


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Shawn B.


Working for a small nonprofit as an IT administrator I do everything and anything IT including network, server, PC, and CRM administration, training, and support. I have administration and development experience with various CRMs and databases including in-house developed, on-premise hosted, ...
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What did Shawn have to offer?

IFTTT limits each applet to one RSS keyword filter which would make this cumbersome, but you could use Feed Rinse along with IFTTT to accomplish this. Feed Rinse will let you filter feeds on multiple keywords and aggregate feeds (if needed) to create your own feed channel that IFTTT could use to insert data into your spreadsheet. I'm available for a call if you want to talk through this. Feed Rinse: How to for Feed Rinse and IFTTT that could be adapted to your use:

Shawn's help was exactly what I needed. I appreciated that he sent me a suggestion to try in his application, and that he took the time to walk me through the process. Mahalo nui, Shawn!
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Kristen A.

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