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Leslie J.

Mediation Services of Maui, Inc

Our mission is to provide, teach, and facilitate appropriate dispute resolution for people of all ages. We handle a wide variety of conflicts for families, neighborhoods, businesses, and government agencies. We bring people together to find their own best solutions. This process promotes respect...
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What did Leslie need?

We are looking for new financial supporters We desirous to let our community know about our services Get our "WHY" out! The needs are great, and with more support; volunteers and financially, we can develop new programs for our islands but that means more help and more funding. Maui County is made up of 3 islands. To service more clients, we need more access to air travel, rent facility, lodging and rental cars= which all costs money.

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Feb 10, 2020


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Stephanie G.


Stephanie lives in Michigan with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. In this world of constant bad news, she loves weaving together interviews and research to tell compelling stories about real people doing incredible things.

What did Stephanie have to offer?

It's absolutely invaluable to have an objective third party when you have what looks like an irreconcilable difference. To have a service that's entirely devoted to reconciliation is huge. I'd love to be a part of helping people not only know you exist but take the next step of using and benefiting from your services. I've worked as a plot analyst for fiction books, and written articles for newspapers, regional magazines, and national magazines. I've also written and self-published an eBook: "Lavished - Unwrapping the Riches of God's Grace." I'm confident I can write your stories to display what Maui Mediation Services is all about: bringing peace, bit by bit, to a broken world.

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