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Lisa M.

Healthy Climate Communities

Healthy Climate Communities (HCC) is committed to community education and action in Hawaii to fight climate change. HCC has been an all-volunteer effort since 2015. HCC hosts school and community groups to plant a native Hawaiian forest on the watershed of a State wetland with 4 species of end...
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What did Lisa need?

We are already promoting tree planting in State and City land, but would like to make it easier for individuals to plant trees on their own private property as well. This app would allow people to take that step without the expense of an arborist consult. They could get a tree that matches their site and their preferences - right tree, right place! Collectively all these trees will absorb storm water, fight the urban heat island effect, clean pollutants, and keep carbon out of the atmosphere.

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Dec 21, 2019


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Ross E.


Hello. My name is Ross. I am a full stack and mobile developer based in LA. I am a freelance consultant and work on both for profit and non profit projects. I work with several different technologies and languages including front end, back end and mobile. I also have strong communicatio...
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What did Ross have to offer?

I am very interested in using technology to help education people about the world around them. Which i believe is the focus of this project. I believe i have the technical skills to complete the project and would welcome being involved and helping to make the information more accessible. I am a full stack developer. There are options for how this app can be developed that i am familiar with and can discuss. My tech skills are as follows: React, Typescript, Redux, Hooks, Jest. Jest, Enzyme Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, GeoDjango, Flask Postgresql, PostGis, Redis, Elasticsearch React Native Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Lambda Stripe Elements, Stripe Payments, Stripe Connect, Stripe Subscriptions Mailgun, Mapbox, Google Maps Blockchain Asana Slack

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