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Markus F.

Kokua Mau A Movement to Improve Care

Kokua Mau's vision is a community where the people of Hawai`i are treated with dignity, compassion and love throughout their lives. (This is Kokua Mau's highest aspiration.) To make that vision a reality, our mission is to weave a lei of caregiving and support so that the people of Hawai`i fa...
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Learn what I can do with G Suite for Nonprofits.

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Dec 20, 2019


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Arthur H.


Extensive professional experience in the areas of strategy, operations, finance, production, change management, process improvements, software implementation, data conversion and project management including COO and CFO positions. Facilitated and developed business and strategic plans for a broa...
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What did Arthur have to offer?

My mission in retirement is helping not-for-profits meet the challenges of fulfilling their mission and delivering their programs, services and activities. I have significant experience advising non-profits on accounting and finance systems.

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